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Malfouf - Malcolm Settree

Over the years Malfouf (Malcolm Settree) and Nomadic Soul Drummers has become a recognized entertainment group at a variety of festivals and fairs and events, at times roaming far from their "home" base on the North Coast area of Maroochydore.

The group has appeared at several of the Academy of Middle Eastern Dance annual Extravaganza events in Brisbane and is always warmly received, and also at the celebrated Sydney Middle Eastern Dance Festival which is a whole week event. Malcolm Settree (Malfouf) the group leader, occasionally performs in his own right , and makes appearances at places like Woodford Folk Festival.

Drumming is a very social activity, and the Nomadic Soul Drummers group also contains some bellydancers, as well as partners of bellydancers. The "Nostalgia" album contains snaps from class nights, workshops, drum camps, and some stage shots.

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Nomads Extrav 08 Album
Nomadic "Nostalgia" NomadsExtrav08