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Malfouf - Malcolm Settree
Nomads at Extrav


CD Prices: $20 each or both for $35

“The Best of Malfouf” – 6 dance /performance tracks, each taken from one of Malfouf’s instructional CDs. 20 or more different Middle Eastern rhythms. Includes Didgeridoo, American Native Indian Flute, Egyptian drums and much more. Very Earthy. Includes the 2008 Extravaganza performance by the Nomadic Soul Drummers, and a previously unreleased track, Raks Bambi Maloub. The instructional CD for Raks
Egyptian Groove Sheik Yer Boudi
Raks Bambi Maloub Abu
The Joining Masmoudi Magic

“Egyptian Groove” – Malfouf’s best instructional CD to date. Suitable for drummers or dancers wanting to learn middle eastern rhythms. 16 tracks, with 6 easy rhythms, plus 2008 Extravaganza performance by the Nomadic Soul Drummers for drummers and dancers to learn. Suitable for total beginners upward, each CD comes with Malfouf’s unique rhythm sheet to help explain the rhythms. This is the current workshop CD for Brisbane and Sunshine Coast classes. Performance track includes Didgeridoo, American Native Indian Flute and Egyptian drums. Samples:
Basic Malfouf Basic Saiidi
Basic Baladi Basic Maqsoum
Basic Chiftitelli Basic Fellahi

Raks Bambi Maloub CD design“Raks Bambi Maloub” – Malfouf’s new instructional and performance CD for 2009, created for drummers or dancers wanting to learn middle eastern rhythms.
13 tracks, with 4 easy rhythms, and a 3-1/2min performance for drummers and dancers to learn. The rhythms are “Bambi Maloub” (aka Egyptian Bambi reversed), “Karachi”, “Saaidi” (flowing), “Saaidi” (double dom).

New Djembes!
New Djembes (African timber drums) from $250 incl carry bag



A variety of drums are available for sale.
Contact: Malcolm Settree Phone: 07- 54917222 Mobile: 0428 730 052


New Drums from $175. Get in early for a great range of colours.
Silver Dohola (big brother to the tabla) See at right end of photo. $290.

new Djembe arrivedClick image for larger view. Just arrived! - Two new djembe drum. I have 2 beauties for sale, at $260 each incl one of my CDs.
Excellent sound, great construction by my local drum maker, light as made from plantation Indo timber.
Very pretty with unusual staining and scalloped exterior.

Any queries, email Mal or phone on 0754381166 or 0428730052.