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Home base: Sunshine Coast Qld. Australia

Malfouf established a drum school in 1998, and specialises in teaching Middle Eastern Drum Rhythms, which have an origin going back thousands of years! From the deserts to the cities, Middle Eastern Belly dancers have enjoyed these mystical rhythms since the beginning of music.

Western women have now discovered this art form, with thousands of Australian women lining up for classes each week. This creates an opportunity for drummers to get involved, as dancers love the feel of “Live Music”. Their partners can also share the experience by learning to drum for them.

These rhythms can be played on all “hand drums” (as opposed to drums played with sticks). Malfouf specialises in the “Egyptian Tabla”, also known as the Darabouka. African drums such as the Djembe are also suitable.

Malfouf has conducted over 200 group workshops, and was taught by Hossam Ramzy from Egypt Aadel Amin from Egypt , Abdul Eliman from Jordan, Jamal Zraika from Lebanon, Omar Faruk Tekbilek from Turkey, and Gassan Baraket from Lebanon.

Malfouf has performed at the Woodford Festival, WOEIE Festival, YAGUBI Festival, various Fairs, Schools and children’s events. He has also entertained the staff of “Cirque Du Soleil (Alegria)” during the Australian leg of their world tour.Malfouf is based on the Sunshine Coast Qld. Weekly group workshops are currently available in Maroochydore and Brisbane....go to Classes Page


The Nomadic Soul Drummers is all about Drumming, music, dance, companionship, friends and more friends!!

Currently there are about 15-30 drummers each Monday evening at the "Attic" in Maroochydore. Participants range from the very beginner to others who have been regulars throughout the years and have achieved a good standard of performance skills. Monday night sessions also provide wonderful opportunities for bellydancers to practise dancing to live music.

The drummers love to drum for dancers, and a number of the members are also bellydancers, so they get double the pleasure! Malcolm also regularly holds beginners’ workshops to introduce drummers to a full range of middle eastern rhythms. At the same time he and other members continue to learn and develop their skills by participating in workshops and lessons from professional and accomplished percussionists, such as Aadel, Jamal, Gassan, and Yuval.

But Nomads’ music is not confined to the darabouka. Djembes are very popular. Zills, riqs, bass drums, tambourines, and other instruments such as the didgeridoo, sticks, mizmar, flute, guitar all add to the unique and developing musical flavour.

The Nomads perform regularly at belly dance concerts and haflas, and community festivals and events, including the Woodford Folk Festival. One of the biggest highlights of the Nomad year is to perform at the AMED Extravaganza. The Nomads have been performing each year for the Extrav since 1999.

The Nomadic Soul Drummers as a group come from all walks of life, and are a cohesive social group with the aims of providing entertainment to a wide variety of the general public at various social events , enriching their lives and others with the drumming experience. Get Drumming!
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